The "Finding Goby" Story: What is the Only Fish that Should Eat Plastic Trash?

There are stories floating around the internet about a fish named ‘Goby’ who loves to eat plastic trash. Many of these articles, however, are unwittingly mixing up two different fish. BrightVibes exclusively brings you both stories in one article in the hope that seeing the idea—already replicated once—will inspire others to create similar projects on beaches everywhere.


New York State Announces $250 Million Westchester Clean Energy Action Plan

New York State is advancing a $250 million Westchester Clean Energy Investment Program to provide local investment in clean energy alternatives such as electric heat pumps, high-efficiency appliances, equipment and building materials that will lower energy costs for consumers and reduce demand in order to accommodate new customers.

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Impossible Burger 2.0 produces 89% less emissions than beef

According to an independent Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) from Swiss consulting firm Quantis, the results are pretty clear:

—It requires 87% less water.
—It releases 89% less greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.
—It contributes 92% less water contamination, the major cause of dead zones in our oceans
—It spares 96% more land and habitat for nature and biodiversity.

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